Asset Promotion - EcoStruxure™ Power Continuous Thermal Monitoring eGuide

Learn more about Thermal Monitoring

  • Digitization of Electrical Distribution
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • EcoStruxure Power Application Overview
  • EcoStruxure Power Digital Architecture

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Thermal Sensors Videos

Thermal Sensors Videos

Modernization 2.0: Digitize Your Electrical System and Improve Resiliency

Thermal Sensors Help Detect Faults in Power System Electrical Connections

IB2Diag - Provide Services Recommendations to Your Customer

Modernizing obsolete electrical distribution installations by replacing and upgrading critical assets is a necessity for business continuity. With our standard ECOFIT solutions, we help extend your asset lifetime and bring peace of mind, as well as offering full End of Life sustainability options.

IoT sensors provide real-time condition monitoring of electrical connections that can alert poor performance into local tools or cloud connected platforms. That helps you to prevent downtime, reduce fire risks and start your journey to be more efficient.

IB2Diag for EcoXpert is an App exclusive for our Power Services EcoXpert partners. Perform site assessments on the customer’s electrical equipment and generate business opportunities with your smartphone or tablet.


Continuous Thermal Monitoring for Power Distribution Explained

Overview of EcoStruxure Power Device - Masterpact MTZ App

Periodic thermographic inspections are the typical method for preventing this type of risk, but they often only capture a moment in time for easily accessible connection points.  In this video, you will learn how to access and use the EcoStruxure Power Device - Masterpact MTZ App.