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EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub

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Introducing EcoStruxure Energy Hub

EcoStruxure Energy Hub is a purpose-built building energy management system designed to simply and effectively raise energy awareness and drive energy performance in buildings.

Simply connect your energy infrastructure and subscribe to the application to start your journey to achieve your energy and sustainability results, while maximizing the efficiency and resilience of your energy infrastructure.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub’s modular subscriptions make it easy and cost-effective to meet your specific needs:

  1. Energy Awareness and Compliance – gain visibility into your energy usage to quickly identify quick-win energy savings opportunities, while complying with common requirements in building energy codes.
  2. Energy Performance Analysis – Analyze and receive automated energy usage insights to take action to reduce or eliminate energy waste. Address common energy usage drivers to enhance energy performance in your building.
  3. Tenant Billing – Create energy accountability with building tenants through simple tenant energy usage setup, billing configuration and bill report generation.
  4. Electrical Monitoring & Alarming – Never miss a thing with real-time monitoring of energy infrastructure with email or mobile notifications.

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