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Paving the way to a more sustainable present and future

Expectations of buildings today have changed. They must become more sustainable, hyper-efficient, resilient, and people-centric. If your Building Management System (BMS) is not future-ready, you’re missing out on advances in technology and IoT-enabled devices that make it possible to meet sustainability targets, lower operating costs, enhance occupant experience, improve productivity, and increase building value.

From cyberattacks that disrupt your building's daily operations to greater possibilities of downtime, increasing maintenance costs, and missing sustainability targets, an obsolete BMS can cost you time and money and can limit overall functionality. Take advantage of new features and benefits, with EcoStruxure™ Building Operation's modernization tools and services for your customers.

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Essential Materials

Andover Continuum - Sub section

Andover Continuum

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Satchwell MicroNet - Sub-Section

Satchwell MicroNet

TAC Vista - Sub section

TAC Vista

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TAC I/A Series

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Satchwell Sigma