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Offer Category PA # Title Global / Regional Offer Date Comments
Field Devices PA-00812 SpaceLogic SP90 PIBCV Actuator NAM 15-JUNE-2021  
BM Systems PA-00832 TAC IA Series Hardware Availability Update Global 27-MAY-2021  
BM Systems PA-00831 TAC IA Series Niagara AX/G3 End of Life Updates & Suggested Action Global 27-MAY-2021  
BM Systems PA-00820 EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotel (initial release) AUS, China, India, EAJ, Middle East, France, UK, US 26-MAY-2021 Hotels
BM Systens PA-00823 Demo Kit for Hotels - EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels AUS, China, India, EAJ, Middle East, France, UK, US 26-MAY-2021 Hotels
Field Devices PA-00829 SpaceLogic TC900 Series Fan Coil Thermostats Firmware Upgrade EMEA-APAC-South America 21-MAY-2021  
Access Control PA-00825 GDPR Compliant Security Expert Mobile Credentials Global 5-MAY-2021  
BM Systems PA-00824 Andover Continuum End of Service for Specific Products Global 3-MAY-2021  
BM Systems PA-00819 10-Channel Relay Expansion Module - EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions Global 3-MAY-2021  
Access Control PA-00816 EcoStruxure Security Expert Q1 Updates Global 3-MAY-2021  
Access Control PA-00804 TAC I/NET Security Modernization Announcement - North America NAM 30-APR-2021 NAM
Access Control PA-00805 Andover Continuum Security Modernization Announcement - North America NAM 30-APR-2021 NAM
Access Control PA-00810 Andover Continuum - Access Control End of Commercialization  Global 28-APR-2021  
Field Devices PA-00811 SpaceLogic M900A Globe Valve Actuators NAM 09-APR-2021  
Field Devices PA-00818 SmartX MU41-x063 Fast-Acting Damper Actuators  NAM 31-MAR-2021  
Field Devices PA-00815 SpaceLogic MP500C Actuators for NEMA 4 (IP65) Rated Applications NAM 31-MAR-2021  
BM Systems PA-00807 Demo Kit for EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions (230V; commercial office version) Global (except US & Canada) 31-MAR-2021  
Access Control PA-00816 EcoStruxure Security Expert - Updates Global 31-MAR-2021  
BM Systems PA-00814 EcoStruxure Building Operation v3.2.3 Release Global 22-MAR-2021  
Field Devices PA-00803 Expansion of Globe Valve Offer in Asia Pacific APAC 16-FEB-2021  
BM Systems PA-00794 EcoStruxure Building Operation 3.3L Release Global 3-FEB-2021 Limited release
Field Devices PA-00801 24 VAC Isolation Transformer Clarification Global (except US and Canada 3-FEB-2021  
BM Systems PA-00799 TAC Vista™ EDS-205 Ethernet Switch End of Products Sales Global 2-FEB-2021  
BM Systems PA-00798 TAC Xenta™ Select I/O Modules End of Commercialization Global 2-FEB-2021  
BM Systems PA-00797 TAC Xenta Servers 4261/4271 + OP End of Service Global 2-FEB-2021  
Field Devices PA-00795 New LCD Display Version of SpaceLogic SLA and SLP Series Sensors Global 19-JAN-2021  
Field Devices PA-00790 New Valve Part Numbers - V22, V292, V321 - New Profile Bonnet Connection EMEA, APAC 5-JAN-2021  
BM Systems PA-00789 Andover Continuum X-Drivers -  Building Operation Interface Compatibility Update Global 21-DEC-2020  
Field Devices PA-00785 SpaceLogic TC907 Fan Control Thermostat with Black Housings;  Firmware Update (Series) EMEA, APAC, So. America 08-DEC-2020  
BM Systems PA-00783 Andover Continuum CX9900 NetControllers End of Service  Global 30-NOV-2020  
Access Control PA-00786 TAC I/NET Access Control End of Commercialization Global 16-NOV-2020  
BM Systems PA-00779 EcoStruxure Building Operation 3.2.2 Release Global 9-NOV-2020  
BM Systems MA-00781 EcoStruxure Building Operation Registration Delivers Enhanced Support Global 9-NOV-2020  
Field Devices PA-00780 STC120 Series Contact Temperature Sensor End of Sales EMEA, APAC 26-OCT-2020  
Access Control PA-00777 EcoStruxure Security Expert - Power Supply & Battery Cabinet for SP-DCU Nordics 23-SEP-2020 Finland, Sweden, Norway
BM Systems PA-00774 The Connected Room Solution Global Release Global 2-SEP-2020  
Field Devices PA-00766 Heat Meter Revitalization Global (except US and Canada) 18-AUG- 2020 /
BM Systems PA-00752 UL 864 Smoke Control Certification for EcoStruxure Building Hardware & Software NAM 10-AUG-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00771 SpaceLogic SLA and SLP Series Launch Global 07-AUG-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00765 TSMN, AND-ZVW and HW-T1 Sensor Withdrawal Global 07-AUG-2020 /

Field Devices

PA-00764 Analog TTS Living Space Sensors Withdrawal Global 07-AUG-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00763 SCR, SHR, STR Living Space Sensors Withdrawal Global 07-AUG-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00756 SmartX AS-P-NL Server Global 06-AUG-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00769 EcoStruxure Building Operation 3.2 Global 03-AUG-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00700 Building Advisor: New Portal and BMS Health Updates Global 21-JUL-2020 /
Access Control PA-00758 EcoStruxure Security Expert - Starter License & Mobile App & v4.3 Global 07-JUL-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00745 Andover Continuum CyberStation End of Commercialization Announcement Global 01-JUL-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00751 TH900 Series Fan Coil Thermostats  NAM 24-JUN-2020 /
Field Devices


Introducing New SmartX Optimum Sensor Covers and Combination Base/Cover Sensors Global 24-JUN-2020 /
BM Systems TPA-BA-20-00011 Building Advisor: Guidance for Building Operations During Covid-19 Pandemic Global 18-JUN-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00761 TAC Vista - LOYTEC & Echelon End of Product Sales Global 11-JUN-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00760 New Metal ID Valve TAG Kit Global 09-JUN-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00747 Product Withdrawal Notice TC300 Series Digital Fan Coil Thermostats Global 09-JUN-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00762 TAC I/A Hardware Offer Availability Global 28-MAY-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00757 Andover Continuum Hardware Simplification Global 28-MAY-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00744 New High Flow PIBCV NAM 24-MAY-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00754 TAC Xenta Servers End of Manufacturing Date Global 07-MAY-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00671 EcoStruxure Building global Demo v1.1 (update) Global 22-APR-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00736 TC900 Series Fan Coil Thermostats EMEA, APAC, SA 10-APR-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00742 Andover ContinuumTM Hardware UL Update Global 06-APR-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00748 EcoStruxure Building Operation v3.1.2 Release Global 31-MAR-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00743 EcoStruxure Building Offer Optimization - Updates to Software Part Availability` Global 23-MAR-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00749 New Globe Valves (GV210 and GV310 Series of Threaded Bronze Globe Valves) APAC 19-MAR-2020 /
BM Systems  PA-00739 Connected Room Solution - RP-C for Light & Blinds Global 05-FEB-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00702 Flomec Flow Meters introduction Global 27-JAN-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00734 EcoStruxure Building Operation v3.0.4 Release Global 17-JAN-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00733 EcoStruxure Building Operation v3.1 & SmartX IP FW 3.0.1 Release Global 15-JAN-2020 /
Access Control PA-00740 Access Expert Mobile App Release and Integration with HID Origo US & Canada 07-JAN-2020 /
BM Systems  PA-00737 Hotel Room Controller Application 1.7 Global 05-JAN-2020 /
Field Devices PA-00729 SP90 Communicating PIBCV Actuator EMEA & APAC 03-JAN-2020 /
BM Systems PA-00726 TAC 2000 Series Controllers End of Service Update Global 20-DEC-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00735 SmartX AS-B Edge Server Shipment Update Global 19-DEC-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00731 SmartDriver Serial ASCII v1 - EcoStruxure Building Operation Global 01-DEC-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00730 TAC I/NET License Key Modification Global 01-DEC-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00708 Product Obsolescence Notice - SatchWell Sigma Impact by S2206680800 Global 12-NOV-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00723 PWP of 7000 Series Room Controllers & Historical Offer Global 31-OCT-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00716 EcoStruxure Building Operation v3.0.2 Release Global 31-OCT-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00722 VAV Application for 8000 Series Room Controllers Global 19-OCT-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00728 SmartX Advanced Display Version 3 Global 09-OCT-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00721 EcoStruxure Building Operation v3.0.3 Release Global 01-OCt-2019 /
Access Control PA-00724 Access Expert v2 Market Removal US & Canada 25-SEP-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00727 TAC I/A Series WorkPlace Tech Tool Global 23-SEP-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00707 Product Obsolescence Notice - SmartX AD SXWADUSBA10002  Global 31-JUL-2019 /
Field Devices PA-00719 V&A RoHS Sales Restriction EMEA 23-JUL-2019 /
Field Devices PA-00718 BV Series Ball Valves and Actuators APAC 18-JUL-2019 /
Field Devices PA-00710 New High Flow PIBCV Models: DN65, DN80 and DN100 EMEA/APAC 17-JUL-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00714 SE8000 New ZigBee Wireless Sensors (LEED) Global 16-JUL-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00712 Hotel Room Controller Application 1.6 Global 26-JUN-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00709 TAC Xenta 280, 300, 400, 901 Ranges End of Service Global JUN-2019  
BM Systems PA-00706 EcoStruxure Building Operation v2.0.4 Release Global 13-JUN-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00700 Connected Room Solution/ RP-C fro HVAC + complementary products Global 14-MAY-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00701 EcoStrxure Building Operation 3.0 Global 13-MAY-2019 /
Access Control PA-00698 HID Product Procurement Process Update Global 07-MAY-2019 /
Field Devices PA-00697 Schneider Electric VB-22xx Ball Valves Stainless Steel Assembly Standarization NAM 03-MAY-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00699 Wi-Fi Card for SE8000/VT8000 Global 01-MAY-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00694 EcoSturxure Building Operation v1.9.4 Maintenace Release Global 16-APR-2019 /
Access Control PA-00695 Now easily transition your Andover Continuum & TAC I/NET access control customers to EcoStruxure Security Expert Global 03-APR-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00692 Vista LNS Transition Service Global 25-MAR-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00680 IP-IO Global 14-MAR-2019 /
Field Devices PA-00689 Revitalization of Liquid Flow Meters Global 14-MAR-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00681 EcoStruxure Building Operation - Smoke Control listing update Global 14-MAR-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00655 EcoStruxure Building Operation - Energy Expert v2.0 Release Global 12-MAR-2019 /
Field Devices PA-00686 Product Obsolescence Notice - TC100 and TC533 Thermostat Skus Global 04-MAR-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00687 BACnet client app Global 27-FEB-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00688 BACnet objects limit increase to 2000 points  Global 27-FEB-2019 /
Field Devces PA-00684 Global Release of EP Series Velocity Pitot Tubes Global 20-FEB-2019 /
Access Control PA-00685 New Security Expert Range of Expanders Now Available Global 12-FEB-2019 /
Access Control PA-00669 Security Expert Software Updates Global 15-JAN-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00679 TAC Vista Software end of commercialization Global 09-JAN-2019 /
BM Systems PA-00677 EcoStruxure Building Operation v2.0.3 Release Global 21-DEC-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00675 MPM 2.22 Global 16-DEC-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00676 SE8000-Firmware 2.1.1 and hardware Evolutions Global 16-DEC-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00674 HRC Application 1.5 Global 13-DEC-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00640 Andover Continuum CyberStation & web.Client v2.03 Global 19-NOV-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00663 Andover Continuum Software and Firmware Compatibility Matrix - versions 1.94 through 2.03 Global 16-NOV-2018 /
Field Devices PA-00659 PX3 Release Global except NAM 06-NOV-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00658 SED-DOR and SED-WIN sensors Global 08-OCT-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00648 Panasonic V1.1 widget Global 01-OCT-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00647 SE8000 No RH Product withdrawl Global 28-SEP-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00653 EcoStruxure Building-Product release- accessories for SmartX IP Controllers NAM 19-SEP-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00641 IP Ready SE 8000 Global 19-SEP-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00652 EcoStruxure Building Operation v2.0.2 Release Global 16-SEP-2018 /
Field Devices PA-00637 New SmartX Mxxxx Floating and proportional Ball Valve Actuators NAM 24-AUG-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00650 BTL Certification for SmartX IP Controllers-MP Series Global 20-AUG-2018 /
Field Devices PA-00644 Withdrawl of: Mx4D-60x3-1xx Ball Valve and Non-Spring Return Actuators and Vx-2xx3-841-9-xx Ball Valves Assemblies NAM 19-AUG-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00643 Andover Continuum 2018 Hardware Offer Optimization Global 25-JUL-2018 /
Field Devices PA-00607 Valves & Valve Actuators Portfolio Updates EMEA/APAC 01-SEP-2018  
Field Devices PA-00632 Forta SR Updates EMEA/APAC 01-JUN-2018  
BM Systems PA-00629 EcoStruxure Building Operation v2.0 Release (includes SmartX IP Controllers & Building Advisor) Global 30-MAY-2018 /
Field Devices PA-00630 SmartX PIBCV Offer update NAM  NAM 30-MAY-2018 /
Field Devices PA-00636 SPD910 Differential Pressure Switch Product Update Global 25-MAY-2018 /
Access Control PA-00634 EcoStruxure Security Expert- New Products Global 09-MAY-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00633 SE BOX Future Panel Option Solution Release Global 05-MAY-2018 /
BM Systems PA-00631 Notice of withdrawl of Building Operation Technician Tool Global 03-MAY-2018 /