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Active Filtering

AccuSine+ high-performance active harmonic filters stabilize electrical networks with ultra-fast, accurate harmonic cancellation and load balancing. Read about all supporting AccuSine + information here.

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LV Solutions

VarSet ensures your power factor is corrected and your electrical network delivers optimum power, lowering operating costs for fast ROI. Discover all supporting documents for VarSet are available below.

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LV Components

From VarPlus Logic to Detuned Reactors for highly polluted networks, these components are easy to install, commission and operate. Find out about all the relevant materials.

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Between our PQ blog posts and white papers, we’re consistently answering the biggest questions on the minds of our customers on power quality topics.

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Some of our most popular and widely used training tools to help you learn the details of power quality and power factor correction. 

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