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Smart Sustainable Real Estate for People, Planet and Profitability

We stand apart from our competition by delivering cybersecure, IoT-enabled, sustainable real estate solutions that facilitate higher asset valuation, asset life cycle flexibility, and enhanced human experiences from a single building to an entire real estate portfolio. Schneider Electric’s solutions offer our partners the opportunity to help our customers address these challenges.

That’s Smart. That’s Buildings of the Future.

System Integrator Benefits:

  • Ease of use: Standard open protocols and third party integration
  • Innovation: Pre-architected solutions addressing specific customer environments and pain points
  • Differentiation: Access to segment expertise and named accounts
  • Efficiency: Access to pre-engineered systems using best in class cybersecurity

Real Estate End User Benefits:

  • People-centric: A major driver is a need for a healthy, safe and efficient return to the workplace.
  • Hyper-efficient: Managing variance in occupancy for optimal performance and asset utilization in unpredictable times with remote services.
  • Resilient: Remote monitoring, analysis and controls, and condition-based maintenance are proving essential for off-site building management
  • Sustainable: With real estate thought leaders extolling the superior financial performance of sustainable assets, customers are prioritizing net zero.

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IoT World Forum

Commercial Real Estate - Featured Content - Cyber Security as SE

Cybersecurity at Schneider Electric
Addressing IT/OT Convergence in a Versatile Cyber Ecosystem

This white paper discusses the various ways in which Schneider Electric mitigates Cyber risk from the top, led by Schneider Digital, to ensure that Schneider Electric and its customers and partners can thrive securely in today’s digital economy.


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The Impact of Power Management

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