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Exiway Power - Intro

Exiway Power DALI is a system with centralized luminaires, suitable for medium to large installation, designed specifically to integrate ordinary Dali lighting system with Emergency Lighting system, ensuring all the functionalities requiered by Emergency Lighting regulation. The system is based on UPS specific for Emergency Lighting application, that powers emergency ligthing devices and part of the ordinary DALI Lighting, certified to be used for emergency application. In addition, also other ordinary lighting can be connected to the same bus. All lighting devices, finally, are connected to the same controller gateway KNX-DALI.

Operating on a KNX-DALI architecture, both ordinary and emergency lighting devices are connected on the same communication bus, managed by the same controller, and linked to the KNX environment.

This setup offers advantages such as:

  • reduced cabling costs
  • single access point control of the entire building's lighting

The controller of the entire DALI network (with ordinary and emergency luminaires) is SpaceLYnk, on which a special application is implemented to ensure all the required functionalities. SpaceLYnk controller has BACnet IP communication protocol which allows its integration into Building Automation systems.

Via Web Server or EcoStruxure it would be possible to have:

  • remote monitoring
  • status report
  • graphic maps

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