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Exiway Power Control - Intro

Exiway Power Control is a system with centralized luminaires. In case of a power failure, Exiway Power Control supplies all connected escape route and exit sign luminaires with power. Power is not generated in every luminaire like in self-contained luminaires, but rather from a central location. The system is based on modular approach that has the advantage of the flexibility, as the system can be later expanded adding circuits. In addition, Exiway Power Control can be replicated to cover all the need in terms of size and all of them can be monitored via web server to achieve more reliability, control and safety. The WEB interface provides a clear view of all information on the system status, with the possibility to display it on graphic maps. Test results, events and allrelevant operating parameters can be displayed.

Exiway Power Control is available in 4 different size: PICO, NANO, MEGA andMULTI with power ratings from 500W up to 27kW for 1h duration.

It can be integrated into the BMS using the SpaceLYnk gateway, SpaceLYnk can communicate with BMS through Modbus TCP-IP or Bacnet IP protocol in Server mode, using the available application for Exiway Power Control.

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