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EcoStruxure™ Connected Room Solutions

Create more sustainable, flexible, and future-ready buildings! The heart of this modern room-level solution is the SpaceLogic™ RP Controller, which helps integrate and control systems like HVAC, lighting, blinds, and indoor air and environmental quality.

With seamless integration to EcoStruxure Building Operation, it ensures energy is used only where and when it’s needed -- without sacrificing comfort and well-being. It enables smart building service integration to enhance occupant and tenant satisfaction and productivity.

With the latest wireless technology and commissioning, Connected Room Solutions enables system integrators to increase project capacity while remaining cost-competitive. Optimize space use and reconfigure floorplans in minutes based on real data with its rezoning tool.

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EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels

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Harness the power of smart buildings and the IoT:

EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions

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