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EcoStruxure™ Building Global Demo

EcoStruxure™ Building Global Demo - Intro

What is the EcoStruxure™ Building Global Demo?

The EcoStruxure™ Building Global Demo showcases the power of EcoStruxure Building and illustrates the abilities of the EcoStruxure Building architecture to build a deeply integrated solution across all building systems. It features high-end graphics, easy-to-use dashboards and extensive navigational features and full integration to the multiple offers that highlight the functionality and capabilities of EcoStruxure Building for end-users and facility managers.

A typical demo will last around 1 hour. This time can be increased or decreased based on the level of detail covered in each section.

EcoStruxure™ Building Global Demo - Demo

The demo tools also include a detailed script with complete operations instructions and messaging. The script guides users on multiple paths to provide experiences for different audiences, and highlights the presentation of dashboards that are relevant to several different building segments.


Primary Demo Outline and Script - Desktop Browser
What to Show What to Do What to Say

Click on the Site Map Pin with the red alarm condition.

Click on the picture of the building to go to the main overview graphic. [Note that the date format of the date in the upper right-hand corner is localized to the Enterprise Server that is hosting this demo.]

Today I'd like to show you the power of Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure™ Building Solution. It enables customers like you to get a comprehensive view of building environments by using EcoStruxure Building Operation to bring together systems for HVAC, access control, power management, lighting and many more on a common platform to maximize building comfort and efficiency. EcoStruxure Building Operation gives facility managers, occupants and building owners all the tools they need to manage, monitor and operate their buildings. Let me show you how.

You can quicly access EcoStruxure Building Operation through its easy-to-use WebStation interface. Here's a workspace for the owner that shows all the buildings in his real estate portfolio though a simple custom workspace. Our new Enterprise Central capability enables the system to easily scale from the smallest building to the largest global enterprise campuses. An owner can now dive in from the multi-site overview to more detailed insights of a specific building. As you can see, I have an alarm condition in my XXXXX location. I'm going to ask my local facility manager there to take a closer look.


EcoStruxure™ Building Global Demo - Access Demo

Where can I access the Demo?
Online Version

The demo features an online hosted version that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via the EcoStruxure Building Operation WebStation client.

To access the demo, on any modern browser go to:

Use the following credentials to enter the demo:

Commercial Building User

Life Science User (with Change Control rights)

User Name: buildingcontrol User Name: signature
Password: buildingcontrol Password: signature
Domain: leave this field blank Domain: leave this field blank





For each segment, please refer to the individual script for specific users

Offline Version

The database is also available for download from The EcoXpert Exchangefor installation on local laptops and in local demo centers. This version can be restored with Building Operation and operated locally, without an Internet connection.

To download the database, search for ‘Global Demo Database’ on the EcoXpert Exchange:

Use the following credentials for offline admininstrator access :

User Name: admin
Password: admin$23
Domain: leave this field blank


EcoStruxure™ Building Global Demo - Demo Script

Demo Script

For each available segment there is an individual supporting script. These scripts can be found on the homepage of the online demo, or downloaded locally from The EcoXpert Exchange similarly to the online database

To download the script, search for ‘Global Demo Database’ on the EcoXpert Exchange: