Building Operation Version 1.9

Building Operation Version 1.9
Software Package Release Date Notes
License Administrator 2019-Apr-02 Version v1.9.4.29
Enterprise Server 2019-Dec-22 Version v1.9.4.29
WorkStation 2019-Apr-02 Version v1.9.4.29
Project Configuration Tool Server Package 2019-Sep-07 Version v1.9.4.29 - This server package can be installed on PCT v1.2.6 and later.
Device Administrator 2019-Apr-02 Version v1.9.4.29
Report Server 2019-Apr-02 Version v1.9.4.29
Release Note 2019-Apr-01 Release Notes for Building Operation v1.9.4
Release Notes 2019-Apr-04 Release Notes for Building Operation v1.9.3 and v1.9.2 (updated Feb. 2018)
Release Note 2018-Apr-11 Release Notes for v1.9.1 of Building Operation