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EcoXpert – Enabling Buildings of the Future

This podcast channel has been created to give you the latest information about how technology is shaping the way we are using, designing, and controlling energy usage in buildings to create more efficient and comfortable environments. Your host, Martin Feder, with help from co-hosts Dusan Janjic and Kevin Morin (both experts in their fields of environmental and power control) – and through the use of case studies, interviews, and open discussions – hope to bring you the latest news and ideas about how you can improve the use of energy in your buildings.

Meet your host

Martin Feder

Martin Feder has been working in the BMS industry for 34 years, starting in the UK with a company named Satchwell Control Systems Ltd in 1985, which then became Invensys and is now Schneider Electric. During that time Martin lived in Germany. Since then he moved to Italy and is now based in Slovenia, but still travels the world to do his job. He’s qualified with an HNC in Building Services, and additionally went on to receive a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in Marketing. Being half British and half German (able to speak both languages fluently) Martin has experienced most areas of the industry, from Product Management to engineering and delivering integrated Building Management Systems.

The Feders

When I can, I spend as much time with my family as possible. My wife works for the Slovene government, my son is studying car mechanics and is a very good singer and guitar player and my daughter, who is still in middle school, is a keen rower. Watching them play or compete is the best thrill a parent can have.

— Martin Feder, Podcast host

Meet your co-hosts

Kevin Morin

Kevin Morin is a Certified Energy Manager, with experience developing projects and solutions with engineering managers, consultants and facilities teams to improve how they manage energy, while improving power reliability and optimizing electrical maintenance. He has been with Schneider Electric for almost 15 years, working in Canada, the United States, and in global roles. Today, he is managing a network of over 500 system integration companies that develop digital power management solutions.

Kevin is based on Canada’s west coast, in the city of Victoria. When he’s not traveling for work, he enjoys time in the garden with family, catching live music in town, and exploring the local mountains and beaches.

Dusan Janjic

Dusan Janjic is the global EcoXpert Light & Room Control badge owner at Schneider Electric where he has spent the last 15 years on making smart buildings a reality. He has lived and worked in North America, the Gulf and Europe, and is currently based in the Netherlands. Dusan holds a degree in Computer Engineering from McGill University and MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. When he’s not working, Dusan enjoys spending time with family and friends and indulging his passions for travel, exploration, and learning.


Meet Stratus and Learn About Retail – Episode 8

In this episode Martin meets with Greg, Duncan and Rudy from Stratus (www.stratus.com) to discuss the importance of having system protection and how Stratus provides a global active service to ensure computer hardware and servers remain online via back-up systems. In addition, Martin speaks with George Das from Schneider Electric, who gives us an update about the world of Retail and how Building Management and energy efficiency play a vital role in the profitability of this industry.

What is the EcoXpert program? – Episode 7

For this first episode of 2021 and in response to welcome feedback from the audience, Martin interviews Virginie Milhaud, EcoXpert Program Director, Schneider Electric and we learn about the actual EcoXpert Partner Program, its vision, targets and goals and value it bring to the EcoXperts themselves. Virginie explains the journey and link to Buildings of the Future and how this, working with the EcoXperts can expand their competencies and hence profitable growth. For more information about the program, solutions and products please visit https://ecoxpert.se.com/

Buildings of the Future – Episode 6

In this end of year Episode, we learn how Schneider Electric is preparing their EcoXperts for their Building of the Future journey. With an introduction from Laurent Bataille (EVP Digital Energy) and an interview with Allison Huffman, we learn from them both how this journey will prepare System Integrators to adapt their skills and knowledge to benefit their customers and above all prepare them for changes coming in the markets. For the full Video interview With Laurent Bataille, please use the following link. Linked to this journey is a fascinating interview conducting by Kevin Morin, how Power and power systems are applied to be resilient and safe meeting customers’ needs and requirements. We learn from Tony Hunt, an Offer Manager from the Energy Management division of Schneider Electric, how an airport and a cheese manufacturing plant have the same expectations from their power quality and reliability. For the full Innovation Talk referred to in the interview, please visit.

How the Global Pandemic Affects the Design, Usage and Performance Expectations of Buildings – Episode 5

In this episode, Martin reconnects with Chris Böttger from Cisco to talk about what has happened in the last 6 months with the global pandemic of COVID19 and how this is already affecting the design, usage and performance expectations of buildings. Chris gives a fascinating insight into how system collaboration and user experience will play a key role in the health and safety of employees in the future.

Energy Performance in Buildings – Episode 4

In this episode our three reporters meet with Jules Cordillot from Schneider Electric who explains how the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD) has been updated and what this means for both building owners and technology providers when it comes to energy management, control and monitoring of the system. We also get to learn from Jules about the European Green Deal and how this will effect the standards and designs of infrastructure in the future.

Delivering High Availability and Disaster Recovery to an IoT world – Episode 3

In this episode Martin and Kevin take the IoT discussion to the topic of security and High Availability Server protection and disaster recovery.

A critical topic when talking about the internet, is the safety and above all the recovery of data that is used on a daily basis. Failure to protect these data systems and have backup and recovery systems in place, can lead to crippling and devastating consequences for individuals and business.

Martin has an in-depth interview with a UK located company called OpenMinds, who are specialists in the field of High Availability and disaster recovery clustering in cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premise or datacentre. We learn how these systems can instantaneously recover systems that have crashed, been hacked or suffered data loss.
Martin Feder with Bipin Patel (left) and Tajinder Marwah (centre) from OpenMinds UK

How Will IoT Affect the WorkSpace of the Future – Episode 2

In this second episode Martin interviews Chris Böttger from Cisco. With a vast amount of experience, originally in BMS and then AV and networking and now as Americas Workplace Experience Strategy at Cisco, Chris gives us an amazing insight as to the potential future the way our buildings will be connected, operated and designed. With examples of both real life today and future use cases, Chris is able to paint a picture of how potentially the IT and OT worlds will combine, to really start delivering IoT across our infrastructure.

About Chris

Chris started his career in Building Management Systems with Satchwell Control Systems, now part of Schneider Electric, driving innovations and executing global partnerships. Since then Chris has been part of the video collaboration industry at both the manufacturer and channel partner level. As VP & GM at IVCi he was responsible for building the industry’s first Cloud Collaboration Managed Services in 2002. This was the foundation for helping customers achieve their business outcomes by using innovative solutions with analytics, managed services and actionable data to drive real results. Now at Cisco responsible for Workplace Experience Strategy he has taken the Building Management, Video Collaboration and IoT networking foundation to create a Human Machine Interface (HMI) strategy that can drive users in real time us to improve Engagement and the overall Workplace Experience. The goal being for customers to help accelerate the rise of the agile team; improve talent retention and execute at the speed of a start-up but at scale. All while optimizing the workplace, improving real-estate efficiencies, increasing wellness in a secure and scalable environment.

Welcome to Our New EcoXpert Podcast – Episode 1

In this first episode, Martin interviews Paul Whittingham, from Schneider Electric, to provide the audience with real time information as to how their building is performing. Paul is an expert in the field of building management systems, in particular the development of analytical software. Through Paul’s insight, the listeners of this podcast are able to understand how this technology has been developed and the future that it holds.

About Paul

Paul studied Aerospace Engineering at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) with a dissertation in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in airfoil performance for IndyCars using ground effect. After graduating he joined Satchwell Control Systems Ltd, UK in 2004 and entered the Field Services division. Before joining the Energy Services Division, Paul worked in and managed Bureau services where he launched a full Buildings Analytics offer, an asset advisor and IT advisor in the UK as part of global field services solutions. Paul is now a Global Business Development Director in charge of the Building Analytics offer from Schneider Electric. Get more information ›

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