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Header - SmartDriver Kit

Introduction - SmartDriver Kit

AS EN54 FIRE SmartDriver Kit

AS EN54 SmartDriver kit includes an Automation Server, Power Supply and Transformer. All pre-assembled in a Wall Mount Cabinet that to ensure simplified installation. The AS EN54 SmartDriver kit enable the Esmi Fire system to integrate with EcoStruxure™ Buildings Operation, which is Schneider Electrics Building Management System (BMS). The AS EN54 SmartDriver kit is shipped with the AS EN54 Fire SmartDriver, which requires a valid licensed. Integrating the Esmi Fire detection system with EcoStruxure™ Building Operations the user can now have a single pane of glass for the fire detection system and the building management system. Through EcoStruxure™ Building Operations further integration with 3rd party systems is enabled through BACnet, a standard communication protocol.

Aggregator - SmartDriver Kit

Essential Materials

EcoStruxure Building Operation Fire graphics

The EcoStruxure™ Building Operation Fire Graphics capability provides a user interface to visualize and operate Esmi Fire detection systems effectively.

Save time setting up the Esmi Fire detection system in EcoStruxure™ Building Operation using the Esmi Fire detection system configuration.

Floor plan graphics are quickly be generated using the floor plan layout and Esmi fire detection system configuration. 

Fire graphics can be generated with out of the box graphics components or custom-built graphic components.

EcoStruxure™ Building Operation Fire Graphics can also be customized using an advanced graphics editor.