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Help Banking & Finance Customers Digitize their Operations

The global financial sector spends $12.8B in annual estimated energy expenditures and according to Accenture, new digital banking threatens 35% of the existing market share of established banks. And to make matters more complex, finance executives must worry about cybersecurity threats and other forms of operational risk.  Schneider Electric’s solutions offer our partners the opportunity to help our customers address these challenges.

System Integrator Benefits:

  • Ease of use: Standard open protocols and third party integration
  • Innovation: Pre-architected solutions addressing specific customer environments and pain points
  • Differentiation: Access to segment expertise and named accounts
  • Efficiency: Access to pre-engineered systems using best in class cybersecurity

Financial End User Benefits:

  • Energy and Sustainability: Set and meet corporate energy and sustainability targets
  • Digital Transformation: Rebalance spending to lower operational costs and invest in new digital services
  • Manage Operational Risk: Improve business continuity and regulatory compliance


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