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Welcome to your quick access to EcoXpert’s Digital Tools – providing the resources you need to succeed!

At Schneider Electric, our aim is to equip our EcoXpert partners for success with simple and effective digital tools. As an EcoXpert partner, we provide you with a full range of digital tools to support each step of your journey, catered to meet your most common needs to enable your success.

Navigate the digital resources below to boost your productivity, energy efficiency and business growth. Explore the key digital tools offered through the EcoXpert program.

Check back often – this page will be continually updated as our digital tools evolve.

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Schneider Electric Exchange

To successfully compete in today’s digital economy, companies from every market must be agile, flexible, and responsive to customer needs. IoT-driven digital innovation enables this digital transformation. That’s where our digital ecosystem comes in, bringing together all stakeholders invested in accelerating a digital strategy – from startups to partners to end-users – with its flagship platform, Schneider Electric Exchange.

Schneider Electric Exchange is the first cross-industry, open business platform and ecosystem dedicated to solving real-world sustainability and efficiency challenges. As a dynamic ecosystem, marketplace, and collaboration platform, Schneider Electric Exchange orchestrates the ability of all stakeholders to seize maximum value from digital break-throughs and co-innovation.

Download the guide

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Schneider Electric Exchange Extranet

Exchange Extranet is to provide EcoXperts with specialized content, digital tools and software, sales support and technical documentation.
Explore our extensive asset library for EcoXperts, as well as the sales assets and technical resources you need to successfully sell and integrate EcoStruxure Building and Power solutions.
Extranet is global and intends to house information in English.
With more than 6,000 monthly visitors, the Extranet is the most widely-used module of the Schneider Electric Exchange platform.

Key Benefits
  • One-stop-shop for specialized content such as Sales Support Library, Software and Firmware, Technical Documentation
  • Loaded with more than 75,000 assets and tools across Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure domains strategic segments
  • Single Sign-On
  • Many assets permissioned with exclusive access based on EcoXpert status
What will I find on the SE Exchange Extranet?

At your fingertips and ready for instant download is the essential material needed to enable your success with our EcoStruxure architecture and platform solutions:

  • Technical documentation: User manuals, regulatory compliance, specification sheets, technical advisories, TVDAs, application notes, installation guides, integration guides, expert solution podcasts
  • Software and firmware: Engineering tools, firmware, hotfixes, release notes, software downloads
  • Sales Support Library: A&E, product announcements, solution architectures, brochures, success stories, catalogs, competitive information, demo tools, presentations, sales enablement kits, customer and solution videos, white papers, virtual EcoStruxure lab tours
  • Community specific contents: EcoXpert audio & video testimonies, interviews with Schneider Electric solution experts, offer and segment solution webinars, podcast channels, physical events records, blogs, industry articles
Who can access the SE Exchange Extranet?

Exchange Extranet is globally-accessible and open to anybody. Part of the Extranet content is Public and accessible by anyone , However the other part of the Extranet content is permission-based and will be accessible depending on your level of certification in the EcoXpert program.

How to login to the SE Exchange Extranet

Please note that the content access is based on your profile and your company email domain. Therefor, we highly recommend you to register and log in with your company e-mail address.

  • Once you have received your credentials, begin exploring the SE Exchange Extranet

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Schneider Electric Exchange Community

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Schneider Electric Exchange Shop

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Schneider Electric Exchange Service Provider

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Global Training

Schneider Electric offers web-based interfaces and training applications where you can view available trainings, complete e-Learning courses, and register for and attend instructor-led trainings, both virtual (webinar) and classroom.

Key Benefits
  • Differentiate yourself in the market with expert training that delivers an enhanced skill set to your company and your employees
  • Embark on new EcoXpert certification and specialization paths (become multi-badged)
  • Pre-registration for training events
  • An event calendar with an easy-to-read calendar view of upcoming trainings and events

Explore our Training Offer >

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Global Training (except BMS Partners in USA & Canada)

What would you like to learn today?

Access your training portal to start learning now.

Access the portal

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Training for BMS Partners in USA & Canada

Your Training Key Phrase: GetSmart

GetSmart is our Digital Buildings Academies key phrase to remember! GetSmart EVERYWHERE!

Access the portal

Check-out our new Educational Services – NAM Digital Buildings Academies Learning Portal on Exchange Community!

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iPortal (USA Experts only)
Schneider Electric’s portal for placing and tracking orders in the US & Canada.

iPortal is an ecommerce platform used solely in the USA.

iPortal is targeted at system integrators and distributors in the USA and offers more than 120,000 online purchasing options. There is also the option to purchase additional products from third-party providers such as Setra, Safran Morpho, Kele, Bioscript, etc.

Key Benefits
  • Order online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Track your order (Schneider products only).
  • Create shopping cart ‘templates’ for quick processing of frequently ordered items.
  • Import orders directly from Studio360 or a spreadsheet with one click.
  • Select shipping methods, schedules, and directions based on preference - down to the line item.
Accessing iPortal
  • Navigate to the iPortal web page using the link below.
  • You can only access iPortal if you have a valid user name and password.
  • If your account has already been enabled, an account administrator may already have been assigned. This person within your organization will have the ability to man-age all user accounts. They can create, modify, and remove any number of user accounts as well as determine the amount of access you have to information within iPortal. Contact your account administrator for assistance setting up your account.
  • If your organization is new to iPortal or you are not sure who in your organization can administer accounts, you have two options:
    1. You can click on the link to “Request Activation” from the iPortal home page.
    2. After you select the link you will be presented with a form that asks you to provide some basic information. It is always helpful to have your customer account number. Once you submit the form, customer care will respond to your request and contact you directly to help set you up on iPortal.
Visit the iPortal

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More Digital Tools

It doesn’t end there. See below for additional tools and information to spark your inspiration and enable your success.

  • Many countries have launched messenger apps (e.g. WhatsApp) for real-time connection with their EcoXpert partners. Contact your local EcoXpert representative to find out what is available in your country.
  • EcoXpert is proud to deliver expert podcasts that include interviews with Schneider Electric product managers, R&D teams, solution architects, and even with your EcoXpert peers. Don’t miss these informative resources, perfect for a quick listen as you drive to your next customer visit. Subscribe to the EcoXpert Podcast via your preferred podcast player.
  • At Schneider Electric, we are very active in thought leadership and social marketing. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and on the Schneider Electric Blog.
  • As an EcoXpert partner, you have access to an entire ecosystem of digital and human support designed to provide you with the information and answers you need to succeed in your daily business operations.
  • If escalation is required, additional support to resolve installation, maintenance, and other sales or technical issues about your project is available through Schneider Electric’s Customer Care Center (CCC). The level of support will vary based on your EcoXpert status.

Additional Resources:

  • For pre-sales advice, contact your local Project Application Engineer (PAE) or sales rep.
  • For quotations and Special Pricing Agreement (SPA) inquires, contact your local sales rep.
  • For technical support, contact the Customer Care Center (CCC).